Hummus is a laughing matter
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Hummus is a laughing matter

New Muslim-oriented satirical news site delivers on the guffaws -- and the social commentary

The homepage of The Hummus satirical website. (photo credit: screen capture)
The homepage of The Hummus satirical website. (photo credit: screen capture)

For those who prefer their Onion-type humor with some Middle Eastern spice, a new, satirical, Muslim-oriented, faux news website, The Hummus, launched in December, to little or no fanfare.

The Hummus, which according to a report Tuesday on Buzzfeed is the brainchild of a trio of Muslim-American Silicon Valley types who wish to remain anonymous, is funny and topical, offering humorous insight into how young Western Muslims engage with the stereotypes of their own community.

With headlines like “Muslim On Airplane Fails To Smile Wide Enough, Pilot Makes Emergency Landing,” The Hummus is clearly not afraid to poke fun at the profiling Muslims face in the US post-9/11.

Other stories, such as “State-Run Media Is Most Reliable Source of News According to State-Run Study” and “Efficient New Democracy Will Feature Single Un-Elected Representative” highlight the totalitarian nature of some Muslim regimes.

The founders of the site told Buzzfeed that they are practicing Muslims themselves and wouldn’t be criticizing the “pure religion” of Islam, but the venture “could be an outlet for expressing the frustrations that we had as Muslims in America experiencing Islamophobia, the conflation of culture with religion (both here and overseas) and the funny results that we can all relate to.”

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