An elite IDF unit arrested a Hamas operative near Hebron Tuesday afternoon who the army says was plotting a terrorist attack against Israeli soldiers and civilians.

The arrest came hours before police and IDF forces carried out sweeps in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, arresting nearly 60 people.

According to the Walla news website, the Hamas man was arrested in the village of Samua, in the far south of the West Bank.

No details about the suspect’s name or the nature of the crime were released.

The suspect was taken in for investigation, the IDF said in a statement.

The IDF spokesperson said that Israeli forces arrested 12 suspects in the West Bank late Tuesday and early Wednesday and took them in for questioning.

The same number of people were arrested in the West Bank the night before.

Also overnight Tuesday, Israeli police arrested 57 individuals from East Jerusalem suspected of involvement in rioting in recent days.

The police said in a statement that they have arrested 549 suspected rioters and served 184 indictments against suspects in recent rioting that was sparked by the July kidnap and slaying of an Arab teenager by Jewish terrorists in Jerusalem, and then further fueled by the IDF’s month-long Operation Protective Edge in the Gaza Strip.