‘Insane’ bar mitzvah clip goes viral
Dance man

‘Insane’ bar mitzvah clip goes viral

Months after its YouTube debut, video featuring Dallas 13-year-old Sam Horowitz attracts a burst of online attention

Whatever you think of his dance moves and musical choices, you’ve got to admit that Sam Horowitz knows how to make an entrance.

Nearly nine months after celebrating his bar mitzvah, the Texas teenager is enjoying a buzz-inducing round of Internet fame, thanks to renewed attention to a video of the “opening dance number” he performed at his becoming-a-man party last year. Anointed the “Clip of the Day” Tuesday by the website of a Dallas TV station, the video is drawing a new wave of online viewership, as well as online chatter about the over-the-top performance.

In the video, 13-year-old Horowitz arrives at his party in theatrical fashion, descending from the ceiling in some sort of white tube before completing a professionally choreographed dance number with an all-female team of backup performers. (Like many of his male peers who presumably took to the dance floor later on, Horowitz is head-and-shoulders shorter than his female counterparts.)

The show took place before giant, lighted letters spelling out the bar mitzvah boy’s first name, and was recorded and edited into the three-minute clip by locally based Elixir Entertainment, which specializes in similar videos connected to “life cycle events.”

In addition to attracting notice from an additional Dallas TV station, the video has been dubbed “apparently the most insane bar mitzvah entrance ever” by a blogger for the Dallas Observer, who may have a point.

In any event, a belated mazel tov to Sam. We look forward to whatever you cook up for your next family reunion or wedding!

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