Israelis are interested in strengthening relations with the Diaspora, according to the seventh annual B’nai B’rith World Center Survey on Contemporary Israeli Attitudes Toward Diaspora Jewry.

Fully 80 percent of Israelis strongly favored the use of their tax money to promote programs like Birthright or Masa that build support for Israel in the Diaspora by bringing Jewish youth and young adults to Israel.

Aliyah is still a priority for Israelis, though, as just over half of those asked about Israel’s response to violence against Jews in Europe suggested encouraging aliyah.

Further, the study found that the Israeli public is equally divided on the effect of the United States’ involvement in the peace process in recent years.

One-third said that the US has impeded progress on peace, while another third said the US has promoted progress.

Israelis were almost equally split on whether their tax money should be used to help Diaspora Jewry during times of economic crisis. When asked the same question in 2009, nearly 60 percent supported the measure.

The survey was conducted in June by KEEVOON Research, with 507 Israeli Jews age 18 or older responding over the internet. The margin of error is +/- 4.5 percent.