Not since Moses have the people of Israel been so obsessed with tablets. On Wednesday a shopping center’s promotion sale of the nifty computers ended in mayhem with 10 people injured in a stampede for a bargain.

The store management decided to donate 500 tablets, instead, to the city’s welfare services for distribution.

The BIG center in Beersheba put seven-inch tablets on sale for only NIS 10 ($2.70) in a promotion which drew thousands long before the planned 4 p.m. discount took effect.

People were trampled by the seething mob, and Magen David Adom ambulances were called to the scene. Medics treated 10 people — most with light injuries, but two who required hospital treatment. Others needed medication to help them calm down, and many had their clothes torn and damaged.

Police ordered the store to cancel the sale, and moved to restore order. “I was sorry I came, and I fled away as fast as I could,” one woman told Maariv. “It wasn’t worth dying to save a few hundred shekels.”