A man was injured on Monday evening when a car exploded in the Haifa suburb of Kiryat Yam, in what was seemingly the latest in a string of underworld assassination attempts.

Emergency rescue personnel evacuated the man to Rambam Medical Center in Haifa with moderate injuries. The hospital said he was in stable condition.

A witness told Ynet news that the car was in a parking lot of an apartment building when it exploded with one man inside.

The police opened an investigation into the incident, but could not say if the bombing was criminal in nature. Police have vowed to crack down on the phenomenon of car bombs, which seem to be related to fighting in Israel’s underworld.

Earlier this month, a man was seriously injured when his car exploded in Kiryat Gat. Last month, a man was critically injured in a similar explosion in Ashkelon.

Ashkelon was also the site of a deadly blast in October caused by a bomb so powerful that the explosion rattled the surrounding neighborhood and caused buildings to shake.

Police described the Ashkelon bombing as a criminal-related assassination attempt. Two men were seriously injured in that blast, and one later died of his wounds in hospital. The deceased was identified as Avi Bitton, an associate of the Domrani crime family, headed by Shalom Domrani.

Israel has seen a worrying uptick in assassination attempts in recent months. In November, an attempt was made on the life of a state attorney who led the cases against major crime organizations and was considered an aggressive prosecutor.

Times of Israel staff contributed to this report.