Northern Israel has faced a recent upsurge of violent incidents, making March the most violent month since the 2006 Second Lebanon War, the head of IDF’s Northern Command said on Wednesday.

There has been an escalation of violence along the Lebanese border and “it is impossible to ignore the things happening on the Syrian border,” General Yair Golan said, making “the situation more tense and less stable.”

On March 14, Lebanese attackers targeted an IDF patrol with an explosive device near the Israeli-Lebanese border in the Har Dov area. Four days later, a bomb blast on the Golan Heights left four IDF soldiers wounded.

Golan was speaking to a meeting of mayors, both Arab and Jewish, of northern municipalities, Channel 10 reported. He added that despite the instability, “it was still possible to sleep at night” and that he trusted the mayors to work with the authorities when violent incidents did occur.

The general also addressed a recent spate of vandalism, including the “price tag” attack earlier this month in the Arab-Christian village of Jish, near Sefad, which saw over 40 cars damaged and anti-Arab graffiti spray-painted on nearby walls.

IDF Northern Commander Yair Golan (photo credit: IDF/FLASH90)

IDF Northern Commander Yair Golan (photo credit: IDF/FLASH90)

Such attacks are “only vandalism, only racism —  a disgrace,” Golan said, and called on communities to work against such “extreme, ugly acts.”

The fact that both Jewish and Arab mayors came to the event shows that “it is possible to live in harmony and feel a sense of shared destiny,” the general, and asked the attendees to leave with a message of cooperation and coexistence for Israel’s northern citizens.