Opposition leader MK Shaul Mofaz (Kadima) blasted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Wednesday, saying his recent comments about Iran were an attempt to divert attention away from other issues.

Speaking to Israel Radio, Mofaz said that Netanyahu’s remarksTuesday about a possible Israeli strike on Iran show that the prime minister is in deep trouble, as evinced by socioeconomic protests and the recently imposed tax hikes.

Mofaz said sanctions on Iran should be given time. He added that Iran is a threat not just to Israel but to whole world, and the campaign against that threat should be led by the United States.

“We need to be sure that a military strike against Iran will set back its nuclear program at least a decade,” Mofaz said.

On Tuesday, Netanyahu responded to reports that Israeli military leaders opposed an attack, telling Channel 2 news that the decision to attack was strictly in the hands of the political leadership, while it was up to the military to carry out the orders.

Environmental Protection Minister Gilad Erdan rejected Mofaz’s statements as ‘ridiculous.’ (photo credit: Uri Lenz/Flash90)

Environmental Protection Minister Gilad Erdan rejected Mofaz’s words as “ridiculous.” Erdan said that those who oppose a strike on Iran keep bringing it up in the media and then object when the prime minister responds. He added that it should be clear to everyone that Netanyahu prefers that the US and Western countries lead the campaign against a nuclear Iran.

“But we need to ask ourselves what will happen if Iran reaches to threshold of nuclear military capability,” Erdan said. “The public needs to debate not just the price of an attack, but also the price of living in the shadow of a nuclear Iran with a lunatic leadership that is threatening to destroy us.”