The Popular Resistance Committees published on Tuesday a video recording of the anti-tank ambush on Saturday that sparked the latest round of violence between Israel and the Gaza-based terror groups, indicating that the Salafist group perpetrated the attack.

The video shows two army vehicles, traveling slowly along the border fence and moving in a southerly direction. The lead vehicle, apparently a bulletproof Land Rover, is struck by what the PRC claims in the video was a guided missile.

Judging by the angles of the video footage, the material seems to have been shot from two locations.

“The rules of the game have changed. The Palestinian resistance has achieved capacities greater than those of the enemy,” the terror group said in the video. According to a Ynet translation, the extreme Islamist group also called for all factions to rise up against Israel and to unite under a joint command network.

In an affront to Hamas leadership, it emphasized that it “will remain on the front in order to defend the Palestinian people.”

Since Saturday afternoon everyone from Islamic Jihad to the Marxist PFLP to Hamas’s Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades has claimed credit for the anti-tank missile strike, which wounded four soldiers, one gravely, and set off a conflagration that has resulted in over 160 rockets fired at Israel and a reported six Palestinian dead in counterstrikes.

Over the last several days tension has mounted over the possibility that Israel might respond to the rocket fire with a large-scale invasion of Gaza, the first since Operation Cast Lead in the winter of 2008-9.

The PFC, founded in 2000, is a radical Islamist group with several factions, the most extreme of which have been increasingly challenging Hamas’s authority in Gaza.

Ehud Yaari of Channel 2 news reported Tuesday that the PFC likely refrained from publishing the tape earlier out of fear of Israeli retribution, but had decided to release it following reports of an Egyptian-mediated ceasefire taking hold.