Couple indicted for man’s alleged rape of child stepdaughter with mother’s consent

Indictment says pair sexually abused girl starting when she was 11; wanted child to get pregnant for financial gain so tracked her ovulation; mother heard girl’s screams for help

Illustrative: The Ramle police station in an undated photo published by Israel Police on July 3, 2022. (Israel Police)
Illustrative: The Ramle police station in an undated photo published by Israel Police on July 3, 2022. (Israel Police)

State prosecutors filed charges on Sunday against a man who allegedly repeatedly raped his young stepdaughter for a number of years with the intent of impregnating her, and against her mother, for approving of his actions.

The pair, who are in their 40s and reside in the central town of Ramle, allegedly perpetrated the violent sexual abuse over a period of three years starting when the girl was aged 11.

The indictment said the girl was raped twice a week.

In some cases, serious violence was used against the child, while on other occasions she was forced to watch pornography.

The couple was charged with a number of offenses including rape of a minor, indecent acts against a minor, abuse and assault.

The female defendant, who was also charged with rape of a minor, knew about the attacks in real time, and carried out pregnancy tests on her daughter as well as tracking the child’s ovulation, the indictment said.

According to state prosecutors, the girl’s mother was sometimes home when the child was being raped, and would have heard her screaming for help.

The woman was said to have threatened her daughter with murder if she disclosed that she was being sexually assaulted. The girl showed her mother the money that her stepfather sometimes gave her after raping her, the indictment said.

According to the indictment the couple’s attacks on the girl were apparently aimed at impregnating the child so that they could secure funding from the state to enable them to buy a property and pay for other expenses, although it was not clear how the scheme would work.

Prosecutors asked the court to remand the couple until the end of legal proceedings.

In the wake of the couple’s arrest earlier this month, police said they launched an investigation after receiving a report from welfare authorities.

The Walla news site said the case reached welfare officials through the girl’s school counselor, after she told her friends about being raped, and they then persuaded her to tell the counselor.

The report said the girl’s mental health had declined and that she was hospitalized at a mental health institution.

The accused couple reportedly have no children together, but the girl’s mother has two other daughters, who were not thought to have been abused by the stepfather.

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