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Daily Briefing Jan. 26: Intense month for Knesset; robot helps ibex cross the road

Zman Yisrael editor Biranit Goren on first 30 days of new government, AI tech for animals, as military reporter Emanuel Fabian discusses spate of East Jerusalem, West Bank attacks

Welcome to The Times of Israel’s Daily Briefing, your 15-minute audio update on what’s happening in Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish world, from Sunday through Thursday.

Zman Yisrael editor Biranit Goren and military correspondent Emanuel Fabian join host Jessica Steinberg for today’s podcast.

Goren discusses what she’s been calling “Black January,” for the endless news cycle and changing headlines of the new government, creating a sense of pressure more intense than periods of war or conflict.

Fabian reviews overnight violence in Jenin that killed nine Palestinians in clashes with the IDF, and a teen shot dead in East Jerusalem while wielding what turned out to be a fake gun.

He also talks about a Shin Bet report regarding the arrest of dozens of West Bank Palestinians with ties to Hamas operatives in Gaza, although many of the young suspects didn’t realize that Hamas was using them, often to smuggle guns into the West Bank.

Goren describes a new AI-powered robot helping wildlife cross the roads in Israel by learning the animals’ reactions and figuring out how to stop them from risking their lives.

Discussed articles include:

9 Palestinians killed as gunmen clash with IDF soldiers in Jenin

Masked Palestinian shot dead after aiming fake gun at police in East Jerusalem

Shin Bet reveals Hamas attempts to recruit West Bank Palestinians for terror

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