Israeli water management tech wins top award

WhiteWater Technology wins plaudits from clean energy analyst company

Engineers build a new set of water system pipes in Netanya (Photo credit: Chen Leopold/Flash90)
Engineers build a new set of water system pipes in Netanya (Photo credit: Chen Leopold/Flash90)

An Israeli company that produces a system for network water management, WhiteWater Technologies, has been named as a New Energy Pioneer for 2013 by Bloomberg New Energy Finance, one of 10 chosen from around the world.

Network water management consists of installing sensors to collect data on usage, leaks, and other problems in pipes, water sources, and end user connections.

The company was honored for its BlueBox Intelligent Water Analytics System, which collects, validates, and synchronizes continuous data from online water quality sensors, network diagnostic sensors, valves and control systems. It enables early detection of highly sensitive water quality abnormalities and insights on network events in the distribution system.

Israel is renowned for its innovative water technologies, from drip irrigation to developing techniques that allows farmers to plant crops in arid land.

A part of the Bloomberg financial data empire, BNEF provides information on financial, economic and policy analysis in industries and markets for wind, solar, bioenergy, geothermal, hydro and marine, gas and nuclear energies, carbon capture and storage, and much more.

Receiving of an award from BNEF is an important landmark for WhiteWater, said CEO Issey Ende. “It is truly an honor to have been selected by such an esteemed panel of experts,” Ende said. “Our mission has been and continues to be to enable operational efficiency gains in the water sector by improving decision making through analytics and optimization, system integration, and workflow management.”

The BlueBox system is, BNEF said, the most comprehensive water data collection and management system around. The tool uses advanced statistical algorithms to enable production teams to optimize disinfection programs, coagulant use, and improve filter and energy performance through decision support, helping utilities understand how operational changes, consumption patterns and aging infrastructure, WhiteWater said.

This year’s winners represent a broad range of sectors including bioenergy, energy efficiency, digital energy, solar and water. By rewarding game-changing innovators, Bloomberg New Energy Finance hopes to highlight the speed of change in the sectors it serves, the organization said.

The awards program is now in its fourth year. This year the independent panel of industry experts selected the winners from more than 200 candidates from around the world. WhiteWater’s award marks the third time in a row that an Israeli company has been honored.

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