Assaults reported against protesters; 6,000 rally against Netanyahu in Jerusalem

Several assaults are reported against anti-Netanyahu protesters in different parts of the country as some 6,000 rally against the premier near his official residence in Jerusalem.

Around 1,000 demonstrators march out of the capital’s Paris Square. Police try to block their way, but the protesters go through a cemetery to evade the officers, with some scuffles breaking out between the two sides.

Protesters in Hod Hasharon in central Israel say they are attacked, with at least one requiring medical treatment.

One demonstrator tells the Kan public broadcaster that a passing car pulled over next to the protesters, two men exited the vehicle, and then shoved protesters.

The demonstrators hit one of the men with a megaphone, injuring him, before the two men returned to the vehicle and drove off.

Police arrest two suspects for involvement in the incident.

Police in Eilat detain a man suspected of hurling eggs at demonstrators in the southern city.

An anti-Netanyahu protester in the Tel Aviv suburb of Ramat Gan says he was doused with pepper spray by a man on a scooter.

The protester received medical attention at the scene and police opened an investigation.

Several hundred protesters begin marching through central Tel Aviv.

Video from Jerusalem shows police shoving with protesters and detaining at least one on a city street.

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