Bahrain FM backs strikes on Iran-backed forces attributed to Israel

Bahrain’s foreign minister appears to back Israel after it reportedly struck at Iranian and Iran-backed militias’ installations in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon in recent days.

“Iran is the one who has declared a war on us, with its Revolutionary Guards Corps, its Lebanese party [Hezbollah in Lebanon], its Popular Mobilization Forces in Iraq, its Houthi arm in Yemen and others,” Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa says on Twitter.

“So one who strikes and destroys the piles of their ammunition is not to blame. That is self-defense,” he adds.

Bahrain recently hosted the Trump administration’s economic summit for the Palestinians, billed as part of Washington’s forthcoming Israeli-Palestinian peace plan, during which Khalifa gave an interview to The Times of Israel saying his country recognizes Israel’s right to exist and wants peace with it.

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