Blue and White lambastes ‘conman’ Nissenkorn

Blue and White “sources” are quoted by various Hebrew-language media outlets slamming Justice Minister Avi Nissenkorn, who announced his defection to Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai’s new party, reportedly to become its No. 2.

Nissenkorn “has proved himself to be a conman. He had not been worthy to receive Gantz’s backing,” the sources say.

“He didn’t even have the courage to leave in a decent manner and resign,” they add. “Nissenkorn is being ungrateful and behaving like a swindler rather than like a leader. Benny Gantz appointed him and backed him all the way. Everything he did in the Justice Ministry he did thanks to Benny’s power and support rather than his own. And in the end he made a personal calculation and turned his back.”

Offering advice to Nissenkorn’s new party leader, the sources say: “Huldai, watch your back.”