Comptroller visits Supernova massacre site amid investigation into Oct. 7 failures

State Comptroller Matanyahu Engleman visited the site of the Supernova festival, close to Kibbutz Re’im, earlier today, Hebrew media reports, as part of his investigation into the failures surrounding the October 7 Hamas massacre in southern Israel.

More than 360 festival-goers were murdered at the music festival by invading Hamas terrorists, and dozens more were seized as hostages.

After visiting the festival site-turned-memorial, Engleman visited several other sites targeted by Hamas on October 7 and concluded his visit to the south at the wreckage of the old Sderot police station, which was demolished after it was overrun by terrorists, resulting in the deaths of 35 people.

Investigating the multi-level failures of October 7 is “critical in order to learn lessons,” Engleman said at the end of his visit. “The failures that took place on October 7 require a thorough correction, both for the residents who will return to their homes in the south and for the residents of the north. And the sooner it happens the better.”

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