Reporters at demos invoke Tahrir Square comparisons; ex-general says Netanyahu must rescind Gallant’s dismissal

Yisrael Ziv, a retired general who headed the IDF’s Operations Directive, says that with the demonstrations nationwide, Israel is witnessing “historic pictures” of a possible revolution.

Channel 12 reporters at the protests in Tel Aviv say some are comparing what is unfolding to the events in Tahrir Square, Cairo, in the Egyptian revolution of 2011.

Ziv says Netanyahu needs to immediately announce that he is rescinding Gallant’s dismissal, declare that he is halting the coalition’s judicial overhaul, and call for a broad national unity government.

“What is unfolding is worse than our worst nightmare,” says Ziv, of tonight’s events and those of recent weeks, “a dire national crisis.”

IDF Maj. Gen. (ret.) Israel Ziv (screen capture: YouTube)

“A state can collapse in this way. We are on a slippery slope,” he says.

“Netanyahu needs to take responsibility, if he is fit to do so.”

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