Graphic video shows troops using drones to kill Palestinian gunmen in West Bank in April

Emanuel (Mannie) Fabian is The Times of Israel's military correspondent

A graphic leaked video shows Israeli troops using drones to track and kill a group of Palestinian gunmen in the West Bank’s Nur Shams camp, near Tulkarem, amid a raid there last month.

At least 14 gunmen were killed amid the 50-hour-long raid between April 18 and 21.

The leaked footage shows a small drone scanning an alley in Nur Shams and identifying four gunmen. The Palestinians are seen attempting to knock down the drone.

Another drone is sent up into the air to observe the gunmen from above, before dropping an explosive charge on them.

The bomb apparently manages to kill three of the four gunmen, before the drone drops a second munition to kill the fourth.

At the end of the clip, the small drone is seen being sent back into the alley to inspect the aftermath of the incident.

Warning: Graphic

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