IDF takes punitive steps against soldiers implicated in colleague’s gunshot death

IDF Chief Aviv Kohavi has decided on several punitive measures against soldiers and officers in the case of the death of a soldier killed by accidental gunfire in February.

Several commanders, including the battalion commander and his deputy, will be reprimanded for the death of Staff Sgt. Yonatan Granot, 22. Granot’s company commander and platoon commanders at the time, both now released from service, will be removed from leadership positions in the reserves forces.

Meanwhile four combat soldiers will be removed from combat positions for failing to take actions that could have prevented Granot’s death.

Staff Sgt. Yonatan Granot, killed by an apparent accidental discharge from another serviceman’s weapon on a base in the Jordan Valley (Courtesy)

Granot was struck by a .22-caliber round for a Ruger rifle, a type of munition normally used for riot dispersal as it is considered less lethal than the larger caliber rounds typically used by the military.

The bullet was discharged when a soldier picked up a still-loaded weapon that had earlier been used at a firing range and pulled the trigger. The bullet struck Granot in the head, critically injuring him. The soldier is currently on trial on charges of manslaughter.

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