Indyk: Recognizing Israeli claim to Golan a bad idea

Indyk says he believes US involvement in the peace process, which allows it to be “Israel’s second line of defense,” is essential.

“When you put your arm around someone, it gives reassurance,” he says, but it also allows you “to give a little nudge.”

Indyk says it’s “in your DNA, in our DNA as Jews” to feel like victims. We are “a deeply insecure people,” he says, who have “enough enemies to justify this concern.” But he says Israelis should not allow their leaders to make them feel like victims.

When it comes to peace, “the US is willing to help,” but at the end of the day, it’s up to the people, he says.

He says Netanyahu’s bid to push recognition of Israeli sovereignty in the Golan Heights is a “really unwise thing to pursue.” As Syrian rebels, the Islamic State and others battle on the Golan Heights “giv[ing] them a reason to focus on Israel — what a good idea,” he quips sarcastically.

He says five Israeli prime ministers, including Netanyahu, were prepared to give up the Golan Heights for peace.

— Marissa Newman

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