Iran warns Israel not to attempt ‘military adventure’ against nuclear program

Iran warns Israel not to attempt a “military adventure” against its nuclear program in a letter to the president of the UN Security Council, after Foreign Minister Yair Lapid said yesterday that Israel reserves the right to use force against Tehran.

“We warn against any miscalculation and any military adventure of the Israeli regime against Iran and its nuclear program,” says the text by Iranian Ambassador to the UN Majid Takhtarvanchi published by the Tasnim news agency.

“In recent months, the number and intensity of the provocative and adventurous threats from the Israeli regime have steadily increased to alarming levels,” he writes, calling for a response against Israel to “end to its threats.”

He says the “systematic and explicit threats by the Zionist regime… prove that it is responsible for terrorist attacks against [Iran’s] peaceful nuclear program in the past.”

The US has also warned Iran that time is running out for it to return to the 2015 accord, as it increasingly advances its program since breaking away from the deal.

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