Israel pans Security Council statement for not condemning Hamas

The Foreign Ministry criticizes the UN Security Council for not mentioning Hamas’s firing of rockets at Israeli population centers during the fighting between the Israel Defense Forces and Gaza-ruling terror group.

“The full responsibility for the escalation is on the Hamas terror group, which chose to open rocket fire at Israel’s capital Jerusalem, the Gaza periphery and other Israeli cities,” a ministry statement says.

It accuses the Security Council of “ignoring” the over 4,000 rockets fired toward Israel during the 11 days of fighting.

“Hamas used residents of the Strip as a human shield, cynically taking advantage of their despair, firing at the land crossing and preventing the entry of humanitarian aid, food, medicine and energy from Israel to the the Strip,” the ministry says.

“We expect the international community to condemn Hamas, disarm it and ensure the rehabilitation of the Strip while preventing the flow of money and weaponry for terror,” it continues. “Israel will continue to be committed to the fate of the captured and missing and will insist on their return.”

It also thanks the Biden administration for backing it in the Security Council, after the US blocked three joint statements calling to end the fighting, saying they wouldn’t help toward that goal. The US, however, backed the latest statement.

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