Netanyahu calls to end Iran deal ‘sunset clause’

Saying he agrees with Trump that the Iran nuclear deal is “an embarrassment,” Netanyahu says the agreement not only does not prevent the path to a nuclear weapon, “but it actually paves it.”

Netanayhu says the so called Sunset Clause that removes the restrictions on Iran in some 10 to 15 years will allow it to produce an arsenal of nuclear weapons immediately after.

“That’s why I said two years ago, the greatest danger is not that Iran will rush to a single bomb by breaking the deal, but that Iran will be able to build many bombs by keeping the deal,” he says. “Imagine the danger of hundreds of nuclear weapons in the hands of a vast Iranian Islamist empire, with the missiles to deliver them anywhere on earth.”

Noting North Korea, Netanyahu says the deal must be nixed or fixed.

“Nixing the deal means restoring massive pressure on Iran, including crippling sanctions, until Iran fully dismantles its nuclear weapons capability. Fixing the deal requires many things, among them inspecting military and any other site that is suspect, and penalizing Iran for every violation. But above all, fixing the deal means getting rid of the sunset clause.”

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