Report: In first, US delayed an ammunition shipment; Israel: US supplies are continuing

The United States reportedly stopped the delivery of a shipment of US-made ammunition to Israel last week, according to Axios, although Israel says that deliveries are continuing as normal.

Citing two unnamed Israeli officials, Axios reports that the decision to place the ammunition shipment on hold left Israeli government officials concerned, as it is the first time since October 7 that the US has prevented a weapons shipment from reaching Israel.

A White House National Security spokesperson declines to confirm the report, saying they don’t comment on individual cases.

However, the spokesperson notes that the US “has surged billions of dollars in security assistance to Israel since the October 7 attacks, passed the largest ever supplemental appropriation for emergency assistance to Israel, led an unprecedented coalition to defend Israel against Iranian attacks and will continue to do what is necessary to ensure Israel can defend itself from the threats it faces.”

Speaking to Ynet, an Israeli official downplays the Axios report, saying “Even now, a continued series of defense shipments are being sent from the US to Israel.”

“It’s possible that one shipment or another is delayed, but the flow continues and we’re not aware of a policy decision to stop it,” the official adds.

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