Report: Sara Netanyahu pushing to oust English-language spokesman Eylon Levy

Israeli government spokesman Eylon Levy, November 2023. (Avner Hofstein)
Israeli government spokesman Eylon Levy, November 2023. (Avner Hofstein)

According to an unsourced Channel 12 report, Sara Netanyahu is seeking to have a prominent English-language government spokesman fired over past posts critical of the prime minister, as well as his participation in protests against the judicial overhaul.

Eylon Levy, who entered the role in the wake of the October 7 Hamas massacre, and previously worked as a journalist as well as an adviser to President Isaac Herzog, has become a familiar face on many US and UK TV networks presenting a defense of the Jewish state and Israeli activity over the past several months.

The report says that officials have decided to minimize Levy’s appearances immediately and he is expected to be fully removed from the position within a few weeks. The official reason, Channel 12 stated, is the government’s desire to present a more diverse face to the international media.

But the report claims that the prime minister’s wife is the real force pushing to oust Levy, due to past social media posts that were highly critical of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the current government.

Levy did not respond to an immediate request for comment.

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