Right-wing activists block aid shipment heading to Gaza

The right-wing Honenu legal aid organization says four activists, including at least one minor, have been arrested as part of a protest aimed at stopping aid headed for Gaza via Jordan from reaching the Strip.

The Tzav 9 activist group, which seeks to end transfers of humanitarian supplies into Gaza as long as Israelis are held hostage there, claims credit for blocking a shipment as it traversed the Turkumiya checkpoint between the southern West Bank and Israel.

Footage from the scene shows over a dozen activists standing in a road as a truck idles in the background. A picture shows dozens of sacks of sugar being thrown out of a truck, some of them opened with sugar spilling out.

The group threatens in a statement that it will remain as long as necessary to keep the trucks from entering Gaza.

“It’s absurd craziness that on a day when we remember our fallen killed by the Nukhba terrorists, the State of Israel continues in whatever way it can to transfer aid to those same terrorists,” the statement reads.

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