Sovereignty cannot be a shield for tyrants to commit murder, says US president

US “cannot and should not” bear the burden alone of preventing international atrocities. There are times when the international community has to act, he says, though the US will play its part.

Some criticize the intervention in Libya, he says. Four “outstanding US citizens… including Ambassador Chris Stevens” were killed there, he notes. But does anyone believe things would have been better had Gaddafi been allowed to continue to rule?

“We live in a world of difficult choices.”

Sovereignty cannot be a shield for tyrants to commit murder or for the world to turn a blind eye.

Sanctions and dogged diplomacy and development assistance must play a role “and there are going to be moments… when the multilateral use of force” may be needed to prevent the worst from occurring.

The US seeks an international community that meets the UN’s founding purpose, to resolve conflicts peacefully, to enable a world where people can live in freedom.

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