State asks High Court for 3 month delay to illegal outpost demolition

The state calls on the High Court to delay its sanctioned demolition of the illegal Netiv Ha’avot outpost by three months in a petition submitted Tuesday on behalf of the residents.

Presented 14 days ahead of the slated razing, the purpose of the appeal is to provide time for the construction of a caravan community that the government approved last month for the 15 families on an adjacent hilltop.

In addition, the delay would allow for the advancement of another plan that would grant post-facto building permits to seven of the 15 homes slated for demolition, on the grounds that they sit only marginally on land that does not belong to the state.

If adopted, the plan would see the “problematic parts” of those seven homes sawed off while the rest of the structures would be allowed to remain standing. This would mean that only eight homes would require complete demolition by security forces.

— Jacob Magid

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