Ukraine’s UN envoy accuses Russia of ‘genocide’

Ukraine’s ambassador to the United Nations has accused Russia of seeking to commit genocide in his country.

“They have come to deprive Ukraine of the very right to exist,” Sergiy Kyslytsya told the General Assembly earlier, before it passed a resolution demanding Russia withdraw its forces from the eastern European country.

“It’s already clear that the goal of Russia is not an occupation only. It is genocide.”

Russia’s envoy Vassily Nebenzia, speaking shortly after, accused Ukraine of “rampant neo-Nazism” and the West of using “open and cynical threats” to persuade other countries at the UN to vote in favor of the resolution. He said Russia only wants to stop a separatist conflict in Donbas, in eastern Ukraine.

Sergiy Kyslytsya, Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the United Nations, takes off his mask as he prepares to speak during a special session of the General Assembly at the United Nations headquarters on March 02, 2022 in New York City (Michael M. Santiago / Getty Images via AFP)

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