Yachimovich pleased — somewhat — over apology

Shelly Yachimovich says she is happy that Netanyahu apologized. She is the first left-wing politician to actually commend the prime minister on his apology.

Labor Party chief Shelly Yachimovich (photo credit: Miriam Alster/Flash90)
Zionist Union No. 3 Shelly Yachimovich (photo credit: Miriam Alster/Flash90)

However, Yachimovich rejects the Channel 2 anchor’s remark that Netanyahu may have been speaking “in the heat of an election campaign.”

“His words were deliberate,” she says. “They were made at a press conference,” she continues, “and then later in a Facebook video clip that was undoubtedly edited several times before being posted.”

Curiously, at the beginning of her remarks, Yachimovich comments that she “feels more comfortable” calling her party “Labor” and not “Zionist Union.” She was pushed from the second to third place on the list to make room for Tzipi Livni, who came to Labor with five other MKs from Hatnua, Livni’s party.

Yachimovich continues that she has no intention of seeking to oust party leader Isaac Herzog, and dismisses the notion of her party joining a unity government with Netanyahu.

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