Man filmed threatening Arab driver with machete says he thought he was a terrorist

Uri Schori, 71, claims other vehicle was driving ‘insanely’ on road, and that he feared for his life; judge extends his remand

Screen capture from video of Uri Shchori, who was filmed attacking another driver with a machete, arrives for a remand hearing, August 29, 2022. (Twitter)
Screen capture from video of Uri Shchori, who was filmed attacking another driver with a machete, arrives for a remand hearing, August 29, 2022. (Twitter)

A Jewish Israeli man who was filmed threatening an Arab Israeli driver and his family with a machete during a highway altercation said Monday that he thought he was confronting a terrorist.

Uri Shchori, 71, a resident of the northern city of Karmiel, was arrested the day before, hours after the incident, in which he was videoed blocking the other vehicle with his own, and then rushing at it waving a machete. He also tried to force his way into the other car, while the driver filmed him and called police.

The court extended Shchori’s remand until Thursday. He is suspected of attempting to cause serious damage, making threats, deliberate vandalism of a vehicle and carrying a knife.

Shchori told reporters outside the courtroom that the other vehicle was driving “insanely” and “I feared for myself, I thought it was a terror attack.”

Recalling the situation, he said the other car, which was traveling in front of his own, suddenly braked twice, nearly causing a collision.

“I really thought it was a terror attack. I really thought it was someone who wanted to do something,” he said.

Shchori claimed that in the past he was a police officer and that he has never before been arrested “or hit anyone.”

“I had a very, very difficult night,” he said.

Asked if he regrets his actions, Shchori thought for a moment and then responded, “Perhaps.”

The threatened driver told Channel 13 on Sunday, “I am still in shock.”

Footage, filmed by the threatened driver, showed Shchori drawing the long-bladed knife on Route 85 and yelling at the other driver to open his car door.

The road rage incident apparently developed between the two after the other car overtook Shchori’s, according to the Kan public broadcaster, which first broadcast the video clip. Shchori used his vehicle to block the other car and force it to pull over. He then got out and charged at the other driver, waving the weapon.

Throughout the incident, the other driver’s terrified wife, speaking in Arabic, could be heard in the background as she sat beside him. The couple’s young son was in the back seat.

At one point, after Shchori walked away, the threatened driver opened his car door to shout that he had called the police. Shchori was seen running back toward him, but as he tried to close the door, Shchori appeared to wedge the machete blade between the door and frame, leaving several inches of blade poking into the vehicle. He eventually pulled it free and left.

The threatened driver said he feared for his family’s safety and considered running over the attacker, “but acted with restraint,” Kan reported.

Police said shortly afterward that a complaint had been filed and action was being taken to locate the suspect.

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