Men lead new Israeli social media campaign against sexual violence

Video features 15 Israeli male media figures speaking out against sexual assault and urging their fellow men take responsibility

Israeli actor Yossi Marshak appears in a campaign video to men against sexual violence in Israel (Screenshot/ Twitter)
Israeli actor Yossi Marshak appears in a campaign video to men against sexual violence in Israel (Screenshot/ Twitter)

A new social media campaign aimed at Israeli men, urging them to take responsibility in the fight against wide-spread rape and sexual assault in Israeli society, is being led by men.

The one minute video was released on social media on Sunday with the Hebrew hashtag “It’s_My_Problem” in response to the alleged gang rape of a 16-year-old-girl in Eilat in August.

“Violence against women is not a woman’s problem, it’s my problem” say the 15 Israeli male media figures speaking “man to man” in an attempt to get other men to responsibility for sexual violence against women in in the country.

They asked Israeli men to think about all of the women in their lives before informing them that in Israel, one in five women has been raped, one in three has been sexually assaulted and that every woman in Israel has been sexually harassed at least once.

*trigger warning – sexual violence*Here it is again, this time in English.Quite a few people had asked for this, and I believe this has value even if you don't know the faces in the video.The story goes like this.I've been following the feminist narrative on my facebook feed for a few years now. I've been following Hebrew speaking feminist content provider and joining the discourse whenever I've felt it appropriate. Lately, while Israel is plagued with horrific rape stories, such as a late gang rape story involving a 16 year old girl, I couldn't wrap my head around it. How is it that we have so many outlets promoting so much content on the matter, and there are still men and boys out there who treat women like that?I felt like maybe we're doing something wrong.If these men don't listen when women's organizations speak, maybe they will when men do?I've felt driven to this idea when Nadav Slor had asked me to help him with his vision of doing something to help prevent the next rape. We collaborated with Yael Rapoport and together we made this video.'Good' men always hide their heads when rape is discussed. We don't want to be considered in the same gender as these men, and we try to hide our relationship to the whole subject.I understand why we do this, but I strongly feel like it's time we step up. Violence against women isn't a women's problem, #its_my_problemplease share the word, there are men out there who need to see this.If you want to download the clip and upload it to your own page or network, please do so, I'll attache a link in the comments.Thank you.

Posted by Mordechai Braunstein on Wednesday, September 9, 2020

The video continues with the participants highlighting typical aggressive Israeli expressions regarding the opposite sex,”have one more drink…just a kiss, a little one…women don’t give, it’s up to you to take.”

“Sounds scary when we say this together, right?” said an emotional Yossi Marshek. “Imagine how scary this sounds like on the other end.”

Marshek, known for his role in the popular Israeli satire series “The Jews are Coming” brought his young daughter to the set. Producers of the video told Channel 12 News that he was speaking directly to her, which was the reason behind his almost tearful performance.

The video was created solely on a volunteer basis and was the idea of Mordechai Braunstein, an Israeli entrepreneur.

“I have felt for a long time a lack of masculine voices speaking to men in this discourse, so we decided to do something about it and produced a campaign and posted it on Facebook.” Braunstein, told Channel 12 on Monday.

In a Facebook post that shared the link to the video, Braustein wrote: “I can’t explain why I cry every time I see this or why I shed tears on the day we filmed this, something here just touches me deeply. I share this with trembling hands and a beating heart and a prayer that this reaches everyone who needs to hear this.”

So far, the video has been shared over 2,000 times on Facebook and has over 27,000 views on Twitter.

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