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Dan Young explains how to earn the loyalty of your customers in any industry

Dan Young loves working, generating ideas, and creating new stuff. He’s never free, even when he isn’t working.

Dan Young (Courtesy)
Dan Young (Courtesy)

If there’s one thing that money can’t buy, it’s trust and loyalty. Yet, loyalty can be ‘bought,’ so to speak, by being honest, committed, and well-assessed in your delivery potential. For Dan Young, an industry-leading entrepreneur, investor, and mentor, these three intangible ideas of honesty, commitment, and delivery are the key aspects of winning loyalty in any industry. And his word is as good as gold since Dan Young has been an entrepreneur for decades, selling everything from clothes to PC components and laptops, even becoming one of Utah’s 40 under 40 along the way. In this article, he shares his secrets to help you earn the loyalty of your customers, no matter where you work.

Dan Young loves working, generating ideas, and creating new stuff. He’s never free, even when he isn’t working. He takes his work seriously and believes the energy he’s investing now will boomerang manifolds with time. He means this strictly in adherence to his relationship with his customers. “Loyalty is one of the hardest things to win and the easiest to lose,” he explains. “This makes it delicate, and therefore, something that must be dealt with carefully. If you think lying and deceit can get you so far, remember that truth and honesty can take you further. Unfortunately, we live in a culture where short-cuts are becoming the norm. But most of them are counterproductive. Winning loyalty is no child’s play. It’s hard work, it and requires one to learn how to say ‘no’ and when to say ‘yes.’ It’s better to say no than promising something and failing to deliver, and it’s better to say yes and take up the challenge than living in fear of failure.”

Today, Dan Young is a leading name in all the industries where he plies his trade, and he owes it all to the trust he’s been able to generate among his clients. Young treats being authentic like an extension of himself and takes every aspect of it seriously. Loyalty indeed is hard to win, but once you have it, it can become your most prized possession as an entrepreneur or business owner.

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