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Discover the Top 10 Post-Pandemic Tech Trends

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When almost every in-person conference and event was cancelled in 2020, Israeli event-management platform Bizzabo was forced to downsize its team and operations.

“It was very painful,” says Eran Ben-Shushan, Bizzabo’s co-founder and CEO.

But the company quickly adjusted its platform to cater to virtual events, and growth rapidly returned. By the end of the first year of the pandemic, the startup had raised $138 million, hired back all the workers it furloughed plus more, and opened new offices all over the world.

“We realized we were moving from defense to offense,” Ben-Shushan says. Bizzabo is now a globally-recognized events platform, especially for those with hybrid formats, partly in-person and partly online, which are expected to dominate even after the pandemic wanes.

“Events are being completely redefined,” Ben-Shushan says. He expects this new aspect of post-pandemic life to fuel the growth of the company.

This is just one of the ways that the coronavirus pandemic has changed the world, including the tech sector, which continues to grow and adopt, often in unexpected ways.

Ben-Shushan will join fellow entrepreneurs to discuss these changes at Top 10 Post-Pandemic Tech Trends on July 13 hosted by Jerusalem-based equity investing platform OurCrowd, Israel’s most active venture fund. Entrepreneurs from startups focusing on fields ranging from telemedicine to food tech, and from e-commerce to water tech, will present their insights on the key tech trends and developments they expect in tomorrow’s post-pandemic world.

While some of the trends, like distance learning and remote working, are well-known, others have less obvious ties to the pandemic.

Tammy Meiron, chief technology officer at the Israel-based Fresh Start Foodtech Incubator, will speak about the growth in plant-based and lab-produced foods. With shortages of meat in the United States and Europe at the beginning of the pandemic, many consumers are hungry for alternative proteins with a lower human and environmental cost. The science is also advancing rapidly in this field.

“There is a huge opportunity here, for those from the world of biotech and food tech,” Meiron says. “But we still have lots of challenges.”

The pandemic, possibly caused by a virus jumping from animals to humans, has also raised awareness about the environment among more consumers, and steps they can take to reduce carbon output or destruction of habitat. With wildfires, hurricanes, floods and drought sweeping across continents, it is clear the world is changing.

“I think there has really been a shift in the way people are thinking about this, partly because while climate change has been a conversation for a long time, it is becoming very real now,” says Kathy Hannun, co-founder and president of Dandelion Energy, which replaces furnaces and air-conditioners with geothermal heat pumps that use the constant-temperature air underground to heat or cool a home, drastically cutting down on fossil fuels and carbon emissions.

Other topics will include changes in the data, logistics and health tech sectors, which are expected to outlast the pandemic and become driving forces of economy and society.

The switch to online shopping during the pandemic is expected to be a long-term trend that companies need to adjust to, says Ilan Reingold, co-founder and CEO of BionicHive, which is developing technology that can outfit any existing warehouse with robots, allowing them to work faster and handle more products to reduce shortages.

“It is clear that supply chains must evolve in efficiency, capacity and agility,” Reingold says. “The only way to address these great and challenging changes is with technology.”

While the world still struggles with the coronavirus, especially as new variants continue to emerge and access to vaccines remains limited in many places, the tech sector is thinking ahead.

“The future is bright,” Ben-Shushan says.

‘OurCrowd Top 10 Post-Pandemic Tech Trends’, online Tuesday, July 13 at 7PM Israel time. Click HERE

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