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LeanBiome Reviews – Is Lean for Good Probiotic Legit or Scam? Real Ingredients Warning!

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Lean for Good’s LeanBiome is a weight loss supplement designed to suppress hunger, reduce cravings, boost metabolism, and reduce fat storage by optimizing gut health.

By taking LeanBiome daily, you can support your gut microbiome for maximum weight loss results. The supplement addresses the root cause of belly fat and weight gain.

Does LeanBiome live up to the hype? How does LeanBiome help with weight loss? Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about Lean for Good’s LeanBiome today in our review.

What is LeanBiome?

LeanBiome is a nutritional supplement designed to give you a “lean microbiome” in your gut.

Everyone’s gut has a microbiome. Some microbiomes are balanced, thriving, and diverse. Others are not. The stronger your gut microbiome is, the better your immune system works and the easier it can be to manage weight. Research suggests a poor microbiome can make it virtually impossible to lose weight.

By taking two capsules of LeanBiome daily, you can purportedly suppress appetite and boost metabolism, making it easier to lose weight.

LeanBiome is made in the United States in a GMP-certified facility by Lean for Good. The supplement is available exclusively through

LeanBiome Benefits

LeanBiome is designed to support rapid weight loss results. By taking two capsules of LeanBiome daily, you can purportedly enjoy benefits like:

  • Become naturally lean
  • Target the root cause of belly fat and weight gain
  • Support gut health using probiotics
  • Suppress hunger and dampen cravings
  • Boost metabolism
  • Reduce fat storage

How Does LeanBiome Work?

LeanBiome contains a blend of science-backed ingredients linked to weight loss, gut health, and appetite suppression.

According to Lean for Good, the unique blend of ingredients in LeanBiome will “quickly reverse the bacterial imbalance in your gut microbiome,” helping you address the root cause of belly fat and weight gain.

Key ingredients in LeanBiome include Lactobacillus gasseri, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, and Greenselect Phytosome. You get two probiotic strains to support your gut microbiome along with a green tea extract (Greenselect Phytosome) to support healthy inflammation, fat burning, and metabolism in various ways.

Some of the most essential ingredients in LeanBiome are probiotics. Each serving contains 20 billion CFU of probiotics across nine strains. These probiotics can support gut health, helping you lose weight and keep it off.

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LeanBiome Ingredients

LeanBiome contains a blend of natural ingredients – including green tea extract, fiber, and probiotics – to accelerate weight loss results.

Here are all of the active ingredients in LeanBiome and how they work:

Lactobacillus Gasseri: Lactobacillus gasseri is the most prominent probiotic strain in LeanBiome. You get 25mg, or 10 billion CFU, of L. gasseri strains in each two-capsule serving of LeanBiome. Studies have connected L. gasseri to lower body weight, BMI, waist circumference, and visceral fat, among other benefits. It’s a crucial part of a healthy, balanced gut microbiome.

Lactobacillus Rhamnosus: Lactobacillus rhamnosus is the second largest probiotic in LeanBiome, with 10mg (5 billion CFU) of probiotic bacteria strains per serving. In multiple studies, L. rhamnosus has been linked to significant weight loss, with participants taking L. rhamnosus or a placebo and losing considerable weight.

Lactobacillus Fermentum: Lactobacillus fermentum is the third largest probiotic strain in LeanBiome. It’s the first listed ingredient in LeanBiome’s proprietary formula, which contains 10mg (5 billion CFU) of L. fermentum and other probiotic strains. L. fermentum has been shown to reduce body fat at triple the rate of a placebo, according to one study performed by Canadian researchers and cited on the official LeanBiome website. Participants dropped 3% of their body fat in just 43 days while taking L. fermentum, compared to just 1% for the placebo group.

Other Probiotic Strains: Each serving of LeanBiome also contains billions of colony-forming units (CFUs) of different probiotic strains, including Lactobacillus paracasei, Lactobacillus plantarum, Bifidobacterium bifidum, Bifidobacterium lactis, Bifidobacterium longum, and Bifidobacterium breve. These probiotics play a crucial role in gut microbiome balance, weight management, appetite suppression, and overall health and wellness. 70% of your immune system is found in your gut, and poor gut microbiome balance is linked to poor appetite control and complex weight management.

Green Tea Phytosome: LeanBiome contains Greenselect Phytosome, also known as green tea phytosome. It’s a proprietary type of green tea mixed with sunflower-based fatty acids for maximum absorption. Mixing green tea with sunflower-based fatty acids can help the active ingredients pass through your stomach acid to be absorbed in your intestines for maximum effectiveness. The green tea in LeanBiome can boost weight loss results in multiple ways. According to Lean for Good, it boosts metabolism, reduces fat storage, and suppresses hunger. Because of these effects, green tea is one of the most popular and proven weight loss ingredients available today.

Inulin: Inulin is a fiber best known for working as a prebiotic. Like other prebiotics, inulin fuels your existing gut bacteria, helping to contribute to a thriving gut microbiome. Your probiotic bacteria need fuel to thrive and multiply, and inulin gives your gut bacteria the fuel they need. The inulin in LeanBiome comes from the chicory root.

Sphaeranthus Indicus: Sphaeranthus indicus isn’t as well-known as other ingredients in LeanBiome. However, it’s a medicinal plant popular in traditional Indian medicine (Ayurveda), where it has a long history of use as a natural remedy for various ailments. The heads of the plant are used to help with digestion and immunity, for example. Also known as East Indian globe thistle, Sphaeranthus indicus is rich with phytochemicals, or plant-based chemicals, linked to everything from mood disorder relief to gut health.

Garcinia Mangostana: Garcinia mangostana, better known simply as mangosteen, is a tropical evergreen tree with edible fruit. The mangosteen fruit is consumed around the world. Native to Southeast Asia, it also has some history of use in traditional and folk medicine throughout the region. In a 2017 trial investigating the medicinal properties of mangosteen, researchers found the fruit had multiple biological effects that could help with weight loss, including anti-inflammatory and anti-obesity effects.

Lean for Good has added a blend of proven ingredients to LeanBiome to support its intended goals. Plus, the formula was created by a doctor, giving each component additional legitimacy over other probiotic supplements and weight loss aids sold online today.

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How Gut Health Helps with Weight Loss

Many people focus on eating fewer calories and exercising for hours to lose weight. LeanBiome takes a different approach, targeting gut health to help you lose weight.

Gut health is closely connected to weight loss. By optimizing gut health and your gut microbiome, you can:

Suppress hunger and dampen cravings, helping you naturally eat less food without starving yourself or following strict diets. A balanced gut sends signals to your brain when you’re full, helping you stop eating when you’ve had enough calories and resume eating when you’re hungry. When your gut is imbalanced, you may experience uncontrollable cravings.

Boost metabolism and increase daily energy expenditure for greater natural calorie burning all day. Have you ever wondered why slim people can eat more food and stay slim? It’s because of their metabolism. Their bodies tend to burn more energy during the day than average. If you’re overweight and have poor gut health, you may only burn 1,500 to 2,000 calories daily.
In comparison, someone with a faster metabolism may burn 2,500 calories daily. That’s the equivalent of 2 extra hours of cardio every day. It’s an insurmountable weight loss advantage if you have poor gut health, but it’s a secret weight loss hack if you have good gut health.

Reduce fat storage and lower the amount of fat stored by your body. When your gut is imbalanced, your body may have higher stress levels than usual. These higher levels of stress force your body to store more fat. Instead of burning fat away or using it as energy, your body stores it as a survival mechanism. LeanBiome works by optimizing your gut to reduce fat storage, helping to repopulate your gut and encourage it to stop storing fat.

Because of these three effects, gut health is closely linked to weight management. By taking LeanBiome daily, you can optimize gut health and support natural weight loss.

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Scientific Evidence for LeanBiome
Lean for Good cites ample scientific evidence to support the benefits of LeanBiome. Plus, the supplement discloses all ingredients and dosages upfront, making it easy to confirm the supplement uses large doses of the most active ingredients (including 20 billion CFU of probiotic bacteria). We’ll review some of the scientific evidence on LeanBiome below.

First, Greenselect Phytosome is a unique type of green tea extract prized for its effects on metabolism, weight loss, and overall health and wellness. In a clinical trial on Greenselect Phytosome, 100 overweight men and women received 300mg of Greenselect Phytosome daily or a placebo while following a calorie-controlled diet. After 90 days, those in the Greenselect Phytosome group had lost 30 lbs, compared to just 11 lbs in the diet-only group. In other words, Greenselect Phytosome leads to three times greater weight loss results. Other studies have suggested Greenselect Phytosome works by increasing energy expenditure by around 4 to 4.8%, boosting the number of calories you burn every day.

Lean for Good cites a study on Lactobacillus fermentum where participants taking the probiotic experienced a significant drop in body fat in just 43 days. The study, led by researchers at the University of Manitoba, found people taking Lactobacillus fermentum reduced body fat by 3% in just 43 days, compared to just 1% for the placebo group. Like Greenselect Phytosome, Lactobacillus fermentum tripled the amount of fat loss in just six weeks – even with both groups following the same restricted diet.

Lactobacillus gasseri, another active ingredient in LeanBiome, can also lead to weight loss. In one 12-week trial, researchers gathered a group of 210 overweight volunteers and divided them into two groups. One group took milk with Lactobacillus gasseri added, while the other group drank ordinary milk. After 12 weeks, those in the L. gasseri group had lost 8.5% of belly fat – or around 15 lbs of fat in three months for an average adult weighing about 170 lbs.

Lactobacillus rhamnosus has been linked to weight loss in multiple ways. A 2020 study published in Nutrients found L. rhamnosus had “anti-obesogenic” effects in mice. Researchers fed mice a high-fat diet along with L. rhamnosus or a placebo. Mice in the L. rhamnosus group significantly improved leptin resistance and gut health compared to those in the control group. Leptin resistance is closely linked to weight gain, and it’s a reason why many overweight individuals struggle to lose weight.

Overall, LeanBiome contains a blend of science-backed ingredients at substantial doses for effective weight loss results. By taking LeanBiome daily, you could support gut health to create a strong weight-loss foundation.

Who Created LeanBiome?

LeanBiome was created by Meghan See, who worked with a doctor to create the supplement. Meghan used to weigh over 400 lbs – until she lost 240 lbs using the power of probiotics and fermented foods.

Meghan had steadily gained weight for years. One day, her weight gain came to an embarrassing conclusion when she posted a photo online and received hateful messages. Meghan was desperate to make a change.

Meghan describes the gut as the body’s “hidden fat loss switch.” After years of struggling with diets and exercise routines and failing to lose weight, Meghan found the fat loss switch in her gut. She could flip this switch by taking fermented foods and probiotic supplements and rapidly losing weight.

After losing weight, Meghan wanted to help others experience similar results. She developed LeanBiome in partnership with a doctor to support the gut health of anyone experiencing similar issues with weight loss. Today, anyone can buy LeanBiome online to activate their hidden fat loss switch.

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LeanBiome Supplement Facts Label

Some weight loss supplement companies use proprietary formulas to hide weak doses of active ingredients. Other companies disclose their complete list of ingredients upfront. LeanBiome is in the latter category, and Lean for Good has disclosed each element, dose, and concentration in the supplement.

Here’s what you get in each two-capsule serving of LeanBiome:

  • 25mg (10 billion CFU) of Lactobacillus gasseri
  • 10mg (5 billion CFU) of Lactobacillus rhamnosus
  • 10mg (5 billion CFU) of a proprietary probiotic blend with Lactobacillus fermentum, Lactobacillus paracasei, Lactobacillus plantarum, Bifidobacterium bifidum, Bifidobacterium lactis, Bifidobacterium longum, and Bifidobacterium breve
  • 200mg of inulin from chicory root
  • 300mg of green tea phytosome from decaffeinated green tea extract and a sunflower phospholipid complex
  • 300mg of Sphaeranthus indicus
  • 100mg of Garcinia mangostana
    Other (inactive) ingredients, including hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, and gellan gum

LeanBiome is naturally gluten-free. It’s also vegan, non-GMO, dairy-free, egg-free, soy-free, nut-free, crustacean-free, and BPA-free.

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LeanBiome Reviews: How Much Weight Can You Lose?

Weight loss supplement company Lean for Good rose to prominence based on the story of Meghan See, who lost 240 lbs using the power of probiotics. Today, many LeanBiome reviewers online claim to have experienced their own dramatic weight loss results with the supplement.

Here are some of the reviews and testimonials for LeanBiome featured online:

  • One customer has lost over 50 lbs with LeanBiome. He started at around 300 lbs and now weighs about 250 lbs. His weight loss has boosted his energy, improved his sleep and digestion, and helped his focus, among other benefits.Another customer lost 35 lbs with LeanBiome, dropping from a size 13 in jeans to a size 7. Her confidence is up, her sleep is better, and her relationship with her husband has never been better.
  • One woman lost 32 lbs with LeanBiome after struggling with her belly and obesity for years. She had tried Weight Watchers, Atkins, Lean Cuisine, and other popular diet programs, yet nothing worked until she started to take LeanBiome. She was surprised by “how easy it is to lose weight” with LeanBiome.
  • Another customer lost 25 lbs with LeanBiome, describing the supplement as “the best thing I’ve tried.” Today, she wakes up with more incredible energy and motivation because of the supplement.
  • One medical doctor, Dr. Albin Thottiyil of Illinois, has publicly endorsed LeanBiome, claiming to have lost 25 lbs with the supplement. His stressful work schedule caused him to gain weight. After taking LeanBiome, he lost 25 lbs while improving his blood sugar, blood pressure, cognition, and overall health in multiple ways. Based on his medical expertise, he describes LeanBiome as “the biggest miracle.”
  • One 30-year woman has lost 24 lbs with LeanBiome, dropping from 151 lbs to 127 lbs. Now, she’s no longer sluggish and can run around with her kids without getting tired.
  • Multiple customers claim to have lost 10 lbs or more in their first month of taking LeanBiome. For example, one woman lost 10 lbs in 30 days with the supplement, while another lost 12 lbs in one month.
  • Many other customers report losing 20 to 30 lbs with LeanBiome without much effort.
  • The official LeanBiome website has dozens of reviews from customers who lost significant weight by adding LeanBiome to their diet. Overall, customers report experiencing substantial and rapid weight loss soon after taking LeanBiome for the first time, with many customers losing 10 to 25 lbs in the first one to three months of taking LeanBiome.

LeanBiome Pricing

LeanBiome costs $129 at its ordinary retail price. However, when ordering directly through the manufacturer today, you can pay just $59 per bottle or less because of a 2023 promotion.

Here’s how price works when ordering LeanBiome online today:

  • Order one bottle for $59 + $9.95 Shipping
  • Order three bottles for $147 ($49 Per bottle) + $9.95 Shipping + Free Bonus eBook
  • Order six bottles for $234 ($39 Per bottle) + Free US Shipping + Free Bonus eBook

As part of a 2023 promotion, all three and 6-bottle purchases of LeanBiome come with a free bonus eBook to enhance the effects of LeanBiome. That bonus eBook features gut-friendly smoothies for faster fast loss:

Free Bonus eBook: 21 Gut-Friendly Smoothies for Faster Fat Loss: Drinking the right smoothies with the right ingredients can accelerate weight loss results. In this eBook, you can discover 21 top-rated smoothie recipes featuring proven ingredients for weight loss. From berries to fiber to probiotics and more, these smoothies can complement the effects of LeanBiome while making it easier to lose weight. Plus, all smoothies take just minutes to prepare. You receive the eBook immediately as a free download after your purchase is confirmed.

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LeanBiome Refund Policy

LeanBiome has a 180-day money-back guarantee. If you’re unsatisfied with the effects of LeanBiome for any reason within 180 days, you can request a complete refund on your purchase. Contact the Lean for Good customer service team to initiate the refund process.

About Lean for Good

Lean for Good is a Tallmadge, Ohio-based supplement company. The company offers three flagship nutritional supplements: LeanBiome, LeanBodyPro, and LeanSupreme. All three are designed to support natural weight loss results using science-backed ingredients.

You can contact Lean for Good and the LeanBiome customer service team via the following:

Phone: 1-800-763-1979
Mailing Address: 285 Northeast Ave, Tallmadge, OH 44278
Registered Address: 315 Deaderick St, Suite 1550, Nashville, TN 37235
Lean for Good was founded in 2021 based on one woman’s dramatic weight loss success story.

Meghan See’s weight had increased to 420 lbs. Her health was declining. She needed to make a change quickly. Meghan used “lean bacteria” probiotics, fermented foods, and diet and exercise to lose 240lbs – and she has kept it off ever since.

LeanBiome is labeled as a doctor-formulated supplement, which means Lean for Good worked with a doctor to develop the formula.

Final Word

LeanBiome is a probiotic supplement sold exclusively online through

Designed to promote natural weight loss results, LeanBiome contains a blend of probiotic strains and other ingredients to manage appetite, trigger weight loss, and boost metabolism for lasting results.

To learn more about LeanBiome or to buy the popular weight loss supplement online, visit the official website today!

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