Wiesenthal Center slams Barclaycard for Roger Waters’ hate-filled gig

Ex-Pink Floyd singer donned keffiyeh during London concert sponsored by credit card firm and appealed for human rights to be granted to his ‘brothers and sisters in Palestine’

Roger Waters wielding slogan 'F--k the Pigs!' at a concert in London on July 6, 2018. (courtesy Richard Millett}
Roger Waters wielding slogan 'F--k the Pigs!' at a concert in London on July 6, 2018. (courtesy Richard Millett}

The Simon Wiesenthal Center on Wednesday called on Barclaycard to condemn a hate-filled concert by Roger Waters held in London’s Hyde Park on Friday and sponsored by the British credit card company.

In a letter to Barclaycard CEO Barry Rodrigues, the Jewish organization referred to the performance, which launched the Barclaycard British Summer Time music festival as a “hate concert.”

The Center’s Shimon Samuels wrote that Waters spoke to the crowd, which included families and small children, “wielding a banner inscribed ‘F–k the Pigs!’ followed by slogans on screens… and an array of slurs against Israel.”

In his letter, Samuels insisted the company must “publicly condemn Waters’ hate-mongering and take disciplinary measures against the staff who endorsed this travesty.”

Before the final song of the concert, Waters donned a keffiyeh, which he described as “traditional Palestinian headgear.” He told the crowd that his headscarf was made by “Palestinian refugees in Jordan.”

“We are all faced with a choice and that choice is whether or not we believe in the contents of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights [signed] in Paris in 1948. The declaration states that all of us… deserve equal human and civil rights,” he told the crowd. “And these rights according to the 1948 declaration are irrespective or ethnicity or religion, so they would extend to my brothers and sisters in Palestine. That’s all I have to say.”

The concert also included many slogans and banners against US President Donald Trump, with pictures of the US president as a pig and a baby.

Before the concert, over 5,000 people signed an online petition calling on the organizers and sponsors of the event to cancel Waters’ show.

Screen condemning fascism at a Roger Waters concert in London on July 6, 2018. (courtesy Richard Millett}

Waters, best known as a former member of Pink Floyd who conceived the rock opera “The Wall,” has long been a passionate supporter of the Palestinian cause and has angered Israelis by leading calls for a cultural boycott of the Jewish state.

He is also is known for publicly harassing artists scheduled to visit Israel or perform there.

In 2013, the Anti-Defamation League, having previously defended Waters against charges of anti-Semitism, acknowledged that “anti-Semitic conspiracy theories” have “seeped into the totality” of the performer’s views.

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