Criminal killed over love affair in Ashkelon mob hit

Criminal killed over love affair in Ashkelon mob hit

Yossi Buhbut shot dead at entrance to his mother's apartment building

A known mobster was killed Saturday in a mob hit in the southern Israeli city of Ashkelon, reportedly over a love affair he had with a woman from a crime family from northern Israel.

Yossi Buhbut, in his 30s, was shot several times in the upper body as he was entering his mother’s apartment building, critically wounding him. 

He succumbed to his injuries not long after, and paramedics were forced to pronounce his death at the scene.

Police were investigating the incident.

In recent months, Ashkelon has been the site of attacks targeting prominent figures in Israel’s criminal underworld.

In October, a powerful car bomb shook buildings in the coastal city, in what police described as a criminal-related assassination attempt.

Two men were seriously injured in the blast, and one later died of his wounds while hospitalized. The deceased was identified as Avi Bitton, an associate of the Domrani crime family, headed by Shalom Domrani.

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