A hit-and-run driver ran over and killed a 70 year-old pedestrian in Netanya on Friday in the latest deadly accident in Israel, Channel Two reported.

Police and rescue services arrived on the scene and found the elderly man still alive and pinned beneath the wheel of the car. During their attempt to rescue him, the man died.

Curiously, initial investigations discovered that the injured man was the owner of the vehicle that had killed him. Police suspect that another individual commandeered the vehicle, ran the owner over, and fled the scene. They are currently conducting an investigation and searching for the perpetrator.

This incident is the latest in a spate of deadly and injurious road accidents in Israel in the past week. On Thursday, a Palestinian school bus flipped over north of Jerusalem, killing eight and injuring dozens. Last weekend over a hundred Israelis were injured in road accidents, and a 19 year-old soldier was run over multiple times and killed outside Haifa.

As inclement weather assaults Israel this weekend, Israelis are cautioned to take extra care on the roads.