Rocket sirens sounded Sunday in several Gaza border communities in what the army said was a false alarm.

The sirens came a day after two projectiles were launched from the Strip.

The army said that sirens went off throughout the Ashkelon coastal region on Sunday morning but no rockets had landed in Israeli territory.

On Saturday, one rocket exploded near the city of Ashkelon, north of Gaza, causing no casualties or damage, while a second rocket apparently fell inside Palestinian territory. The Israel Defense Forces responded with tank fire and airstrikes at several Hamas targets in the Strip. There were no reports of casualties there.

Early Thursday, Israeli Air Force jets struck two Hamas installations in the north of Gaza in response to rocket fire from the territory at Israeli communities. In that incident a rocket landed in an empty field in the Sdot Negev Regional Council near Netivot. The rocket exploded on impact. No one was hurt and no damage was reported from the explosion.

Hamas, the terror group that rules Gaza, has largely refrained from firing rockets into Israel since it fought a devastating war with Israel in 2014. Launches have often been ascribed to radical Salafist groups.

Still, Israel has routinely responded by striking Hamas targets, with the military saying it holds Hamas responsible for any attacks emanating from the territory it controls.