Lip-syncing down the aisle
There went the brideThere went the bride

Lip-syncing down the aisle

Now Inbal Ohana's wedding video is grabbing everyone's attention

Jessica Steinberg covers the Sabra scene from south to north and back to the center.

Have you seen this wedding video yet? It’s been traveling the social media circuit for the last couple of weeks, despite the fact that the wedding took place nearly four years ago.

Called “The Most Amazing Wedding Entrance,” it shows the walk-down-the-aisle dance of Inbal, the bride, who lip syncs “Lehishtatot Lif’amim” (“Playing the Fool, Sometimes”) about a man in love who asks his girlfriend to marry him.

While it hasn’t gone viral yet at 576,000+ views, (a video needs at least one million views to be considered viral), it’s getting a lot of attention of late. So we tracked down Nissan Ohana, who originally posted the video on YouTube in 2010. It turns out he’s the brother of the bride.

“We’re just a regular family,” said Ohana, who is amazed at all the attention the video has been getting. Comments on the YouTube video and on threads on Facebook range from compliments about the bride’s dress and the energy of the crowd to pointing out the bride’s cousin, in a short black dress, who unfortunately stumbled and fell on the floor during the dance.

Unwanted comments aside, the idea for the unusual entrance was all the bride’s, said her brother. Held at a typical Israeli wedding hall — this was in the northern town of Kiryat Ata — with the guests lining the aisle and groom waiting with his parents under the chuppah wedding canopy, Inbal wanted to dance toward her groom, Elad, instead of walking sedately down the aisle.

“She came up with the idea a week before the wedding, and she did a cover of the song, like karaoke,” said Ohana.

The performance was mostly spontaneous, he added. His sister danced with their cousins, the four men dancing in front of her, and “they know how to dance well,” he said. “One is a DJ.”

But they never expected that more than half a million people would watch the video, which includes glimpses of Elad, the groom, staring in shock at his bride, while his own father happily mouthed the words to the song.

“Yeah, my brother-in-law,” said Ohana, chuckling. “He was tense about the wedding and had no idea that she was going to do that.”

Once the wedding was over, everyone asked to see the dance again and Ohana published the video to YouTube in order to put it up on Facebook.

“It was really just for friends, I never expected other people to see it,” he said. “It had a peak two years ago, when it hit over 200,000 views, and now it’s happening again. I have no idea why.”

As for Inbal and Elad, they now live in Nahariya and have two young children, a boy aged three and a nearly-year-old baby boy.

“They’re fine,” he said.

Ohana, the brother, isn’t married yet, but stay tuned, he said. He’ll plan something out of the ordinary for his own wedding. It’s the Ohana way.

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