Iran detains 3 suspects over deadly 2010 bombing

Iran detains 3 suspects over deadly 2010 bombing

Tehran says terrorists associated with a Kurdish separatist group have support from the 'enemies of the Iranian nation'

Iranian authorities detained three suspects over a deadly bombing during a military parade in 2010, the official news agency reported Sunday, accusing them of ties to Israel.

The report by IRNA said intelligence officers found the suspects in the Kurdish city of Mahabad, the city where the bombing killed 12 spectators and injured dozens.

The report did not identify the detainees but said they were affiliated with the Koumaleh militant group, which has been fighting Iranian forces for decades. It also implied that the group had links to the West and Israel.

Iran’s Intelligence Ministry said that “the terrorists planned to carry out bombings and sabotage operations in some sensitive locations and centers and also conduct surveillance and terror operations to spread an atmosphere of intimidation and insecurity in the region under the support of the spy agencies of the enemies of the Iranian nation,” according to a Fars News report.

According to the report, the detainees have confessed to receiving “financial aid, training and equipment from foreign countries” and from the Koumaleh group.

Kurdish militant groups occasionally attack government troops in their regions in what they describe as a struggle for Kurdish rights.

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