'It feels like WWII, when addresses of Jews were given out'

‘Child murderer’: Jewish woman accosted at Amsterdam home over daughter’s IDF service

Incident, including fliers, is part of an antisemitic wave that is ‘spiraling uncontrollably,’ a leader of the local Jewish community says

Cnaan Lidor is The Times of Israel's Jewish World reporter

A redacted copy of the flier that advertises the name, address and workplace of a Dutch-Jewish nurse in connection with her daughter's service in the Israeli army. (CIDI)
A redacted copy of the flier that advertises the name, address and workplace of a Dutch-Jewish nurse in connection with her daughter's service in the Israeli army. (CIDI)

Three women accosted a Jewish nurse on her doorstep in Amsterdam on Wednesday, calling her a “child murderer” because of her daughter’s service in the Israel Defense Forces, she said.

The incident in the heavily Jewish suburb of Amstelveen followed weeks of incitement in fliers and social media posts against the nurse over her daughter’s military service in Israel, De Telegraaf daily reported.

One of the women who allegedly accosted the nurse told her that she should be ashamed of herself, adding “I don’t understand why you are still here in the Netherlands,” the nurse said.

Speaking to De Telegraaf anonymously, the nurse added: “It feels like in World War II when the addresses of Jews were given out.”

The intimidation followed the surfacing online of a video of the nurse’s daughter in IDF uniform. Fliers advertising her address in Amstelveen and accusing her of complicity in “child murder” began appearing around her neighborhood in February, with online banners bearing the same message, she said.

People flying Palestinian flags came looking for the woman at her workplace, too, she added.

“Residents beware, a child murderer lives in the neighborhood. This genocidal maniac returned from her murderous activities in Israel and will be soon be tried,” the text of one flier reads, featuring pictures of the nurse’s daughter. “Her mother sent her bitch daughter to kill babies, she is also an accomplice,” read the text, which included the address, workplace, and names of the two women.

Naomi Mestrum, the director of the Center for Information and Documentation on Israel, the Dutch Jewish community’s watchdog on antisemitism, told De Telegraaf that the three women “specifically targeted” the nurse in an organized action.

The woman is planning to complain to police shortly, Mestrum said, but “her feeling of safety has been seriously compromised.”

In an interview published Thursday in De Telegraaf, Chanan Hertzberger, the chairman of the Central Jewish Organization, an umbrella group representing Dutch Jewry, called on the government to do more to protect its Jewish citizens from antisemitism, which he said is spiraling uncontrollably following the outbreak of war between Israel and Hamas, sparked by the terror group’s October 7 onslaught in southern Israel.

Anti-Israel demonstrators protest against Israel’s President Isaac Herzog attending the opening of the new National Holocaust Museum in Amsterdam, Netherlands, March 10, 2024. (AP Photo/Phil Nijhuis)

“My son was beaten up after soccer practice. When they go out, Jewish youngsters are accosted. Our children are not safe in their educational institutions,” Hertzberger said.

“We’ve had enough of this abuse. We are normal Dutch citizens and that’s how we demand to be treated,” he said.

The intimidation is reaching “new lows,” he added, citing a protest action by pro-Palestinian demonstrators who interrupted a concert by Lenny Kuhr, a Dutch-Jewish singer, on Sunday in Waalwijk near Rotterdam.

One protester called Kuhr, who has children living in Israel, “a terrorist, a Zionist” before being escorted out of the venue.

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