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Daily Briefing Jan. 24: Day 110 – Hostage families burst into Knesset, demand action

Knesset correspondent Sam Sokol reports on hostage families and testimonies of sexual assault as reporter Gavriel Fiske discusses solace sought by bereaved parents in Cyprus

Welcome to The Times of Israel’s Daily Briefing, your 20-minute audio update on what’s happening in Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish world.

Today is Day 110 of the war. Knesset correspondent Sam Sokol and reporter Gavriel Fiske join host Jessica Steinberg.

Sokol discusses a tense week in the Knesset as family members of hostages burst into a Knesset Finance Committee meeting, protesting the return to business as usual, followed by testimonies of released hostages about the sexual abuse suffered by women and men held captive in Gaza.

Fiske speaks about sets of bereaved Israeli parents whose soldier sons were killed on or after October 7 and are receiving solace and trauma therapy in Cyprus, at an Israeli-owned retreat center in the forest.

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Discussed articles include:

Live blog January 24, 2024

Relatives of hostages burst into Knesset Finance Committee, demand government action

‘Right now someone is being raped in a tunnel’: Knesset hears of Hamas sex crimes

At an exclusive Cyprus retreat center, Supernova rave survivors get help to move on

THOSE WE HAVE LOST: Civilians and soldiers killed in Hamas’s onslaught on Israel

THOSE WE ARE MISSING: The hostages and victims whose fate is still unknown

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