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Daily Briefing Nov. 7 – What does the newly passed budget portend for Netanyahu?

ToI founding editor David Horovitz and Startup Israel editor Ricky Ben David discuss the details of the coalition’s budget success, as well as recent religious scuffles

Welcome to The Times of Israel’s Daily Briefing, your 15-minute audio update on what’s happening in Israel, the Middle East, and the Jewish world, from Sunday through Thursday.

ToI founding editor David Horovitz and Startup Israel editor Ricky Ben David join today’s podcast, hosted by Jessica Steinberg.

Horovitz discusses the political ramifications of the budget, relatively smoothly passed ahead of the November 14 deadline, and what that means for the Bennett-Lapid coalition and for former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his hopes of regaining power.

Ben-David looks at the reforms included in the budget, and what it will take to implement the ambitious plans in health, housing, education, finance, agriculture, kosher supervision and beyond.

Horovitz offers a view of the Friday scuffles at the Western Wall and the changes that could take place in the ongoing battles over religion in Israel, with Reform rabbi Gilad Kariv in the Knesset; a Modern Orthodox, not ultra-Orthodox, minister of religious affairs in the person of Matan Kahana; and the ultra-Orthodox parties in the opposition.

Finally, Ben-David updates us about the Herzliya company that won an Emmy for its television technology.

Discussed articles include:

Even with budget test passed, challenges threaten unity of diverse coalition

Feting new budget, PM says government will last out term, vows to honor rotation

Budget in hand, Bennett’s once-brittle coalition proves it can take on Netanyahu

How much of a revolution? 13 key reforms in Israel’s new state budget

Scuffles at Western Wall as hundreds of Haredim try to block progressive prayer

Labor MK sits out progressive prayer service at Western Wall to calm tensions

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