Egyptian TV host: Hamas to blame for Palestinian blood

An Egyptian TV host lashes out at Hamas demands for a ceasefire, saying its leaders belong in a mental asylum and will be responsible for continued Palestinian casualties after refusing Egypt’s truce offer.

In a segment aired on Mehwar TV, an incredulous Osama Mounir reads out Hamas’s stated terms for a ceasefire, including “building a seaport under international supervision,” as well as a demand that Egypt “open the Rafah crossing, under (Hamas’s) own supervision.”

“Are you out of your mind? Why don’t you just come over and take Tahrir Square,” Mounir exclaims. “Don’t you want the Mogamma government building for a spin? Listen to my offer: We can build a plastic pyramid, and you can turn it into a tourist trap. Maybe you’d like a Nile river with some boats in it?”

Mounir emphasizes that “it will be recorded in the annals of history that when Egypt proposed a ceasefire, Israel agreed, the US welcomed it, and so did Europe. Everybody has supported the Egyptian initiative, except for you. What do you people want?”

The TV host hastens to add that he does not support Israel in any way. “May Israel be set ablaze with dirty gasoline. Pardon the expression. These people deserve to be set ablaze,” he says, but the statement seems to be an afterthought, as he clearly blames the terrorist group for the continued violence.

“After these 10 Hamas demands, I expected an 11th demand: Restoring Mohammed Morsi to the presidency (of Egypt). Why the hell not? Someone who says such things belongs in an asylum. This is deranged.

Whoever foils the Egyptian initiative will be responsible for the Palestinian blood,” he concludes.

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