IDF slams UK network after claim unarmed Gazan was shot dead shortly after interview

The IDF slams a British broadcaster over a report claiming an unarmed Palestinian raising his hands in the air along with several others, including one waving a white flag, was shot dead by IDF troops in Khan Younis,

The military says the footage was edited and blasts ITV News for serving as an arm of Hamas’s propaganda effort.

The footage shows 51-year-old Ramzi Abu Sahloul being interviewed, explaining that he and the four men with him were ordered by the IDF to evacuate a building that was to be targeted by the army. Abu Sahloul says that they were trying to return to the area in order to reach his mother and brother who hadn’t managed to evacuate in time.

The cameraman then turns away upon completing the interview. In then cuts to what the reporter says is a short while later, with gunshots heard and the group of men with the white flag beginning to run in the other direction. But one of them — reportedly Abu Sahloul — falls to the ground after being shot in the chest.

The footage doesn’t show who carried out the gunfire.

Amid screams, the young men lift him to safety before his wife arrives and cries out in distress.

Responding to the footage, the IDF tells ITV: “It is imperative to emphasize that the alarming, libelous and a gross mischaracterization of the war with these despicable accusations can only be deemed as an extension of Hamas’s propaganda effort to defame the IDF and undermine our objective to dismantle Hamas and ensure the terrorist entity never again holds the power to build a terrorist army, invade Israel, murder, burn, rape and abduct Israelis.”

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