Likud No. 19 says Likud may need to divide J’lem

Likud candidate Yoav Kish says the party may be left with no choice but to divide Jerusalem. Speaking to the Ynet news site, Kish, who is also leader of the “New Likudniks” movement, said he was not troubled by polls predicting his party will shrink in the election, since “on the personal level, I have work and if I make it or don’t make it to the Knesset I’ll be OK.”

Kish is 19th on the list. According to polls from today and the past week his place is assured, but the polls also indicate a downward trend which has sent Likud into panic mode. “We are worried, we have this feeling of ‘fighting for our home,’ feeling that if the national-right doesn’t pull it together we will wake up to a far-left government supported by the Arabs. We are trying to project this – and the public will decide.”

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