Netanyahu: We’ll try to agree, but if we can’t, the majority rules

Presumed prime minister-to-be Benjamin Netanyahu stresses the importance of majority rule in his maiden speech in the Knesset after receiving the mandate to form the next government.

“Democracy is built from the spark of debate. If we can, we’ll reach agreements. If we can’t reach an agreement, the majority decides. Once you harm the will of the majority, you’ve harmed democracy,” Netanyahu says.

In his speech, the Likud leader says his government will “be an expression of the mandate that we received from the people. We will preserve Israeli democracy and Israel.”

Netanyahu rejects the criticisms about the rise of the far-right and threats to Israeli civil society.

“I don’t accept the moral preachings” of the outgoing government, Netanyahu says, accusing it of violating “every norm of proper governance.”

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