Ra’am party condemns attack, calls for interethnic tolerance

The Islamist Ra’am party condemns the stabbing attack in Beersheba that left four Israelis dead and wounded two others.

“Ra’am condemns this despicable attack in Beersheba and sends its condolences to the families of those murdered,” the Arab party says in statement. The party has a strong following among Negev Bedouin, including in Hura, where suspected attacker Mohammed Ghaleb al-Qian hailed from.

“Ra’am calls on all citizens to preserve the common, fragile social fabric, to be responsible and advance a discourse of tolerance in this difficult hour,” Ra’am adds.

Separately, Joint List chief Ayman Odeh says he was shocked by the stabbing attack. “Violence is not our way and we must condemn it with all our might,” Odeh writes on Twitter.

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