Top Arab MK: Israel must be held accountable for ‘massacre’ in Gaza

MK Ayman Odeh, the head of the Joint (Arab) List, condemns the Israeli response to the violent Palestinian clashes on the Gaza border, accusing the Israel Defense Forces of perpetrating a “massacre.”

“Those of us who believe in justice must hold the government to account for the brutal crime of killing unarmed protesters. Anyone concerned about the future of both peoples must raise their voice against this massacre and demand an end to the Gaza siege and the occupation,” Odeh says.

“The opening of the American embassy in Jerusalem and its grand ceremony is part of the same policy that has claimed the lives of dozens of Gazans. Today, there is nothing to celebrate,” he adds.

“The opening of the embassy is yet another provocative step that signals the destruction of the notion of peace. The Netanyahu-Trump alliance continues to deepen the conflict. Both leaders’ thuggish governance deploys the extreme right-wing as foot-soldiers, fanning the flames of racism, hatred, and violence.”

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